Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memory Sites, and Practices of Remembrance, I. Asian and European Conference of Women's Museums


Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memory Sites, and Practices of Remembrance, I. Asian and European Conference of Women's Museums

18 – 20 October 2018, Istanbul

Museums and memory sites play a key role in shaping and transforming collective memory as well as in producing accessible knowledge on collective pasts and presents. Yet, despite the developments in producing critical knowledge on gender, sexuality and memory in the past decades and the development of feminist pedagogy, many museums and memory sites remain uncritical of conventional gender roles, contributing to the further reproduction of gender-based norms and inequalities.

With the aim of discussing and sharing feminist pedagogical approaches that cultivate an alternative memory culture and alternative practices of remembrance, Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memory Sites, Practices of Remembrance brings together women’s and gender museums, peace museums and memory sites working with feminist activists and institutions working on histories and memories of rights violations in different areas with a gender-focus; museum administrators, educators, scholars working on enhancing visitor participation and on creating dialogue among visitors.

At the conference we will explore and share the best practices in relation to such questions as:

  • What role does feminist pedagogy play in the (trans)formation of social memory?

  • What are some of the new methods and practices that enable new practices of remembrance?

  • What are some of the ways in which feminist theories, concepts and discussions are translated into the field of social memory?

  • And what new concepts and debates related to gender and feminist pedagogy are developed in this field?

  • How do women and gender-oriented museums differ from other museums and memory sites? What is their contribution to cultures of remembrance?

  • Which methods can be used to illustrate conflicts, collective and individual violence and war excesses in museums – especially in women’s and gender museums – without reproducing images of violence?

  • How is visitor participation and dialogue among visitors put into practice in sites that incorporate a feminist pedagogical approach?

The conference Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memory Sites, Practices of Remembrance builds and reflects on the new questions regarding museum policies and museum education which were raised in the 2016 conference Women’s Museums: Center of Social Memory and Place of Inclusion, organized by Istanbul Women’s Museum and Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication.

The International Association of Women´s Museums, IAWM executive board took a decision to meet – starting from 2018 – every two years at an “Asian and European women’s museum conference” hosted by one women’s museum in this region. Women’s Museum Istanbul and Sabancı University Gender and Women’s Studies Excellence Center (SU Gender) are honored to be the first institutions to host such a conference.


Parallel exhibition

During the conference, it will be possible to view the exhibition titled unEXPOSED?, which has been prepared by the Women’s Museum Istanbul. Based on the past exhibitions of women’s museums globally, this exhibition explores the possibilities of exhibiting histories and memories of violence without reproducing images of violence.

Displaying concrete examples of remembrance practices that enable contact and communiation between people, that give new meaning to rebellion and hope, that create lasting symbols, this exhibition serves as an example of putting feminist pedagogy into action.

Further Information is here.

Contact: feministpedagogy2018@gmail.com

Konferans dilleri Türkçe ve İngilizcedir. Simultane çeviri hizmeti vardır. // Conference languages are Turkish and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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