Shirin Ebadi's book signing event in Amsterdam: UNTILE WE ARE FREE

On Monday, November 26, Dr. Shirin Ebadi the Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner was a honorary guest of SW faculty for launching her new book “ Until we are free”.  


Her presence in VUA, has organised  by Mansoureh Shojaee, the guest researcher in SW. Her project “the Iranian Women Movement Museum initiative” is supported by Dr. Professor Halleh Qorayshi since October 2017.

The launching book event was the second joint plan of VUA/SW and IRWMM .

The first collaboration was hold on occasion of the International Women’s day,2018 in DenHaag. 

The launching book event on 26th , that hold on VUA/Agora 1, started by Mansoureh Shojaee introduction’s talk, as she said: “Biographies are part of the history of every country which are written not by the historians but those who relying on their individual agencies, intend to add to the history of their countries. In this area, the biographies of women are of special significance. Biographies and autobiographies of women, especially in countries dominated by patriarchal governments and religious regimes, are sort of unveiling the forced Hijab, is a cry from deep inside the hidden corridors from the private arena to be heard in public”.

Mrs. Shirin Ebadi in her book, has shed light on the facts which till now the readers had to discover from the hidden lines of a biography. Her presence and agency in the text is not separated from her presence in the social and political activities. Base on this credibility that she can tell the readers in a clear and simple language: "By reading this book, you will find out how a police- state affects people's lives and disrupts families."

This book, which is written based on the human rights framework and from a feminist perspective, has been translated into various languages including English, German, Spanish, Arabic, French and Italian.

This event was not possible without supportive helps of :

 Dr. Halleh Qorayshi ,

 SW secretaria,

Iran Academia.  

Photos: Sajedeh Khazraii

English text : Sara Ahraii 

28th Nov. 2018

Sarvenaz Ja