Evin Prison


Evin Prison is situated at the foot of the Alborz mountains in Tehran. The prison officially began operations in 1961 as a detention center for people awaiting trial. However, under the Islamic Republic, political prisoners served their entire sentences in the prison.

It is the holding center for thousands of prisoners and the site of unacknowledged massacres with thousands of victims, and of mass graves on 1988.

Evin is consists of several wards for political and prisoners of conscience. Among these wards 209 and 350 are the most horrifying ones.

 All the accused and convicted are kept in these two wards, either in solitary confinement or in a group cell, upon being arrested, until they are put on trial.

During this period they are denied access to any means for daily life neither communications tools , such as phones or..! For those are willing to have access to the reading material, the only books available to them are Koran, Khomeini's Resaleh , Mottahari's Hejab, a Shiite paryer book Mafatih al Jenan.

 The prisoners cannot use even eyeglass unless it is proven that they cannot read without them.

During this period, which according to law cannot exceed one month, but sometimes unlawfully lasts up to a year or so, the prisoner does not even have access to  a mirror or any refractive object to notice his or her physical changes.

They are given three portions of foods each day and basic supply of personal sanitary and hygienic material.

    It is after the trial in court and receiving the verdict that they are transferred to the public wards, in which several prisoners live in one space together. In the public wards they have access to some facilities and equipment, or even a court yard to walk around and enjoy the fresh air. They can also buy some of the materials they may need form the prisons shops, such as foods or basic supplies at their own expenses. Prisoners who are interested in crafts or artworks of some forms can buy materials from the prison stores and busy themselves for a few allowed hours.

      Here we have received some of these arts and crafts as an extremely valuable gift from our brave friends in prison who have been kind enough to send us the product of their love and friendship.



Sarvenaz Ja