October 2018: Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memorials and Practices of Remembrance (18-20 October 2018) & I. Asian and European women’s museums conference (21-22 October 2018) Istanbul


Women’s museum founders and researchers from Turkey, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, USA, Spain, Argentina, United Kingdom, and Albania took part in the meeting.

The goal of this meeting was to enable exchange and synergies amongst Asian and European women’s museums. Therefore the day started off with every participant presenting the status quo, the troubles, and future plans of their own museum, organization or initiative.

The situations of museums and initiatives around the world are different and everyone shared moving and inspiring insights. Despite the differences, common points as well as collective projects for the future could be found.

Topics on the agenda were amongst others talks about the first Asian regional Women’s Museums conference in 2019, the application for an EU project of several women’s museums in Europe who will collaborate with their colleagues around the world, the Iranian Women’s Rights Museum in Diaspora, the situation of women’s museums in Africa, the postponed regional conference of women’s museums of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the realization of a Feminist Museum Hack day.


Sarvenaz Ja