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June 2, 2018

For Eyes That Kissed My Eyes

I received the cardboard tape recorder, handicraft by Nazanin Deyhami, inmate in Evin Prison’s women’s block, two weeks after her death. At the time of her passing, Nazanin was only twenty-nine years old. The cause of her death in November 2017 was an asthma attack brought on by heavy pollution in Tehran.

April 10, 2018

Andrei Sakharov Prize 2018 Recipient: Narges Mohammadi

sitting in Evin Prison in Iran is this year’s Andrei Sakharov prize recipient – Narges Mohammadi. Mohammadi was awarded the prize “for her leadership in campaigning for peace, justice and the abolition of the death penalty, as well as her unwavering efforts to promote the human rights and freedoms of the Iranian people, despite persecution that has forced her to suspend her scientific pursuits and endure lengthy incarceration.”

Narges is currently serving a 16 year sentence. She is an Iranian physicist, engineer and human rights defender.

April 2, 2018

   “Halleh Ghorashi’s Speech in Exhibition opening “From Evin with Love

Halleh Ghorashi - This exhibition is the first stage of the Iranian women’s museum project, which showcases handicrafts made by women inmates (prisoners of conscience) in Evin Prison. The stories and imaginaries connected to these handicrafts make them much more than just objects.

April 2, 2018

“Mona Holm’s Speech in Exhibition opening “From Evin with Love

Mona Holm - It is a tremendous pleasure for me to be here with you at the Humanity House in Den Haag, today, the 9th of March 2018, and see the fruits of years of hard and dedicated work.  What we are part of just now is a truly remarkable event. This is an inauguration we have been hoping for and longing for, during years, but have not quite been able to understand how could be realized.

April 1, 2018

From Evin with love

This exhibition is part of the oral history of the women’s movement research project within the framework of the Women’s Movement Museum. It encompasses subjects such as women’s biographies, events, associations, and creations in the artistic, literary, and social fields.

Brochure & Poster of “From Evin, With Love”
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